Friday, March 26, 2010

Travel to Venice

Spring Break is finally here!

I'm in the hotel in venice waiting for my parents to arrive so i figured I would update this about my long travels to Venice!

After a full day of work I headed to the Santa Justa Train Station in Sevilla to hop on the AVE train to Madrid. If any of you have ever seen those trains in movies that are based in europe that travel extremely fast, this is that kind of train. From the outside it doesn't look like much but on the inside this thing is like a 1st class ride all the way. The 2nd class seats, which were huge, all have radio and headphones like an airplane and they showed a movie for the 2 and 1/2 hour trip to madrid (which i chose to not watch and watch the Blind side on my lap top instead.) One cool thing about the train (which is electric powered) is that every seat has an outlet, so i could charge my computer as I worked/watched a movie. The train had stewardesses and a cafe car. I seriously thought i was flying first class on a train and the the train was nearly brand new. It was really cool and although a bit slower, was definitely better than flying from Sevilla to Madrid and cheaper too.

Once I got to Madrid, i took 3 Metro trains to the airport where I had 5 hours in between to kill. Sleeping on a marble floor may seem rather difficult but after being awake 20 hours, i had no trouble catching a 2 hour nap before check-in began. After checking in and the stupid lady making me pay 20 euros to check my bag (so pissed) I was finally on my way to Venice.

Upon landing in venice, it was very foggy and very hard to see anything. I hopped on a bus to Piazzale Roma and met these people from Syracuse, New York that were about 50 and spending holy week in Italy for the 2nd time in 3 years. Instantly I started talking shit to them because they lost to Butler (thanks for telling me Renee!) They were thrilled haha!! I told them next year to hit up southern spain for Semana Santa and showed them some pictures from Sevilla. Really nice old folks.

After the bus i had to take the Venice version of the metro...the Vaporetto...or water taxi. How cool?! I would hate to live here and have to commute on this thing because it is very crowded, slow, and unreliable on time. Not to mention EXPENSIVE. It cost 6.50 euro to go like 1 mile on the damn boat!! NO GUAY! But when in rome, right?! (or the same continent for that matter)

I've just been moseying around Venice waiting for mom and dad to get here! I know the weather will get better soon so i can deal with day 1 being crappy, it can only get better from here! There are some pictures up for your viewing pleasure and I will update you all on the rest of the trip throughout!!

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