Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Por Sevilla


Since london, the weather in sevilla has been great! It is usually around 70 degrees and it has been sunny everyday. A lot better than the month straight rain we had before then! I have 3 midterms tomorrow so this past weekend I spent studying for them. The weather was nice, so i went down by the river and did a bit of reading there and then spent the rest studying in my room and/or starbucks. This week kind of sucked studying all of the time with the weather being so nice, but it will be alright once tomorrow and midterms are over!

This weekend should be rather fun, it is Laurent's last weekend in town before he heads back to Paris, so i assume we will go out and celebrate! The weathermen are predicting rain, but let's just hope they are wrong as usual. I found out this week that I only have 45 more hours of my internship left, which was a good thing to know. Over half way done! and 8 more hours will be done thursday! I can't wait for that to be over. It is good for my resume but it is BORING and makes the days go soo slow...I will probably finish up my 100 hours the last week in april and then have all Tuesdays and thursdays off to start getting stuff done for final projects, papers, and exams, which will be another stressful time. I don't like how they leave almost 50% of your grade for the last 2 weeks. That is dumb. But it will turn out alright. The exams aren't going to be nearly as hard as exam's at IU and i am not too worried because i did a lot of work for them.

Next thursday I leave to take the train to Madrid and then I'm flying to meet my parents in Venice! From there we are traversing Italy for 6 days before returning to Sevilla, it is going to be great to finally see them!! I can't believe it has been so long already! I have been here for over half of the time and the last half should go even faster than the 1st because there are 2 weeks where i have no classes! Gotta love Semana Santa and Feria de Abril!!

Still to come in traveling are: Italy (Venice, Florence, Naples, Capri, Rome and Tuscany,) Amsterdam and Frankfurt (during Feria) and finally Paris! That is about all the budget is going to allow, otherwise another 1 or 2 might be added in there because i have a few free weekends. But it will be nice to relax and enjoy sevilla a bit instead of spending time in hostels, airports, and paying for meals, which although fun, gets to be strenuous and expensive after a while!!

I hope all is well back in the US or wherever it is that you are reading this! It's now midnight and time to get some sleep! Goodnight!

PS: the clocks don't change in Europe until 2 weeks after the US....very weird!

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