Sunday, March 21, 2010

Midterm March Madness

Well midterms are certainly nice to be behind me! March madness soon ensued after my exams on wednesday! Straight after my last final, i was walking home and what should i pass but an irish pub. It is 74 degrees and everyone is wearing green and drinking outside, naturally I walk in.

After a few hours of irish drinking music and some rowdy folks, i headed home for dinner and some futbol. Afterwards i went out to the river with Werner. We had a little irish fiesta with 20 or so of his friends from class. So i was hanging out with a bunch of spanish people, which was pretty sweet. I am sure that my spanish prolly as garbage but met some cool guys. Juan Jo, oscar, and one other whose name is evading my mind right now.

Thursday was normal, i didn't go out because I had to get up at 7am to go to a winery for my class. (a field trip to a winery, hell yeah) We went to this winery about an hour away called La Gitana in Cadiz province. After listening to them talk to us (or not listening) about their business operation we got to the important part, drinking the wine. The first we had was a 40 year aged sherry that was in a barrel that was 120 years old, it was rather...weird tasting but it was 100 euros a bottle and 18%, so we enjoyed a few glasses. Next, we had a white wine (manzanilla) that was a lot lighter and aged only 5 years. But we drank it right after the owner hand ladled it out of the aging barrels, which was pretty sweet. Lastly, we had some wine that was also 18% and was so sweet you could put it on waffles as syrup. It was nuts. After the winery the bus ride home was a riot because we were all a little drunk. We shared some crazy stories and at this point it was 30 degrees celsius outside (so warm.)

Immediately when i get to my house, Werner tells me there is a huge party across the river, so we grab a 12 pack and head straight there. I was expecting 100-200 people and we get there and there was about 15000 people, if i had to guess. It was like a tailgate but everyone was speaking spanish. We stayed and drank and socialized with spaniards until dinner time at 8pm. It was a great way to spend a day out in the sun and meeting people. Afterwards, we met up with Francois and headed out to Calle Alfafa. Due to the nice weather, the streets were overflowing with people. We hung out outside and had a few drinks and headed home rather early due to the whole day of drinking, and by early i mean 4am or so.

Saturday was fairly uneventful during the day. It was laurent's last weekend before he heads back to paris so we chilled and then went out last night after watching Sevilla lose in Futbol. We went to Betis, not altogether my favorite place to go but it is cheap. We ended up meeting and talking to a lot of people, again. For some reason we met a bunch of people this weekend. we left and walked home around 6 am and then decided to stay up and drink some tinto together until around 8am. Werner was out of his mind at this point and we were all having a blast and jamming to music, our neighbors prolly hate us but who really cares about them? A solid last weekend for Laurent I would say.

So here i sit at 8pm still in my bed. Quite a relaxing day, i must say. Thank god i am done with midterms. Now just cruising on easy street until the weekend when i meet the parents in italy for spring break!!!!

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